Finding a Metamorphic Technique Practitioner

The practitioners listed here are members of the Metamorphic Association.

Sessions last approximately 1 hour. Fees are time-based and set individually. 


If you have specific needs, please ask. Some practitioners may be willing to offer introductory sessions at a reduced rate, some may offer concessions, and some may be willing to give sessions in various locations, perhaps in your home. Feel free to contact several practitioners to find someone who can best meet your needs and whom you feel comfortable with.


Members' contact information is provided exclusively for the purpose of booking a Metamorphic Technique session or workshop and may not, under any circumstances, be used for any other purposes. Data Protection Laws apply.


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The Metamorphic Technique is a technique and not a therapy, and the Metamorphic Association is a mutual support network as well as a governing body. Hence while the Association promotes best practice and operates a code of practice with which members are expected to comply, members are simply recognised members - they are not 'qualified' or 'accredited'.

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