Gaston Saint-Pierre - Founder of the Metamorphic Association and the Metamorphic Technique®
Gaston Saint-Pierre - Founder of the Metamorphic Association and the Metamorphic Technique®


Gaston Saint-Pierre
1940 - 2011



What is the purpose of being here on earth? Though not of a philosophical inclination back then, this question was with me since my teenage years. In 1963, I immigrated to England from Canada and worked for almost 14 years in the City of London for a stockbroker. And yet this question of purpose haunted me until I was able to give up office life and start a career as a Montessori teacher. Was that the purpose of my life? The happiness and fulfilment that I found in teaching children implied it, until I met Robert St. John, who was looking for ways to establish permanent changes in the mentally and physically handicapped children whom he was treating with various therapies. He called his research Metamorphosis.

Out of the symphony that he created, I used a musical phrase to create another symphony, which I called The Metamorphic Technique®. One of the main differences to St. John's approach is the importance I give to the attitude of detachment on the part of the Metamorphic Technique® practitioner. At one point, I became a Sufi minister in my quest for union with the divine. Until I realised that there was no quest, no purpose necessary. Being has no purpose for being.


I created the Metamorphic Association, a charitable organisation which became an Educational Trust in 1984, as a Governing Body in order to disseminate and protect Metamorphic Technique®. My work has been to introduce the Metamorphic Technique® in workshops given throughout the world, in the publication of books and articles, and in training practitioners to become Metamorphic Technique® teachers.


There is no path to the top of the wave. The power that makes it emerge from the ocean is the same power that makes your heart beat. Being reveals itself of its own accord. The quest comes to an end. When practitioners of the Metamorphic Technique® give or receive sessions, they work from this realisation with their detachment. Clients and practitioners drink the pure water from the Source, from the Life that they are.