THE METAMORPHIC ASSOCIATION was founded by Gaston Saint-Pierre as a non-profit making organisation in 1979.

It became an educational trust and has been a registered charity since 1984 (charity no. 326525) reg. in the UK with an international presence.


The Trustees oversee the function of the organisation, ensuring that the core values and purposes of the association are reflected in the day to day running of it.


E-Mail to the board of trustees

Honorary President

Eva Barnsley; England


Members of the board of trustees

Morag Mackay; Ireland; Tel: +353 (0)3645229


Eileen Holland; Jersey; Tel: +44 (0)7797734885


Catherine Tugnait; England; Tel: +44 (0)1895634236


Roisin Jones; England; Tel: +44 (0)7798797871